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3 person

  • Connelly Cruzer  Tube

    Connelly Cruzer Tube

    70" L x 70" W (deflated), pre-assembled with 1 year warranty 3 rider tube with concave top deck shaping with a low center of gravity "D" shaped with a tapered front to back design 420D Soft Top Neoprene cover with heavy duty bladder 6 fully padded...
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  • Connelly Ninja 3 Tube

    Connelly Ninja 3 Tube

    70" L x 91" W (deflated), pre-assembled with 1-year warranty 3 rider tube with innovative side-by-side ergonomic saddle seats Riders can "lean into" turns like riding a motorcycle 840D Nylon cover with heavy-duty bladder 9 padded handles with knuckle...
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  • Connelly Raptor 3 Tube

    Connelly Raptor 3 Tube

    WINGED DECK TUBEFEATURES• 60” L x 94” W (deflated), pre-assembled with a 1 year warranty• Suitable for 3 riders with upswept wing tips and swallow tail• ​840D Nylon cover with heavy duty bladder • ​6 fully padded...
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  • HO Laguna 3

    HO Laguna 3

    HO Sports is proud to introduce the new, modular Laguna 3 towable. Grab 2 of your friends and sit down in the ergonomic, couch style seats OR flip the tube around and kneel on the neoprene pads while towing the tube from the opposite side...either way...
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  • HO Sunset 3-person Tube

    HO Sunset 3-person Tube

    Traditionally, there has been very little difference between round, deck style tubes. You can buy one from any inflatable maker and they're basically all the same. That is...until now. With the addition of HO Sports' Shoftshell Technology, now you can...
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