• Chums GlassFloat Classic

    Chums GlassFloat Classic

    Since being introduced in the early 90's the Chums Glassfloat Classic has been a fan favorite and a best seller. The Glassfloat Classic fits most frames and will float up to 45g (most sunglasses fall under this mark). Comfortable, durable and...

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  • Floating Keychain

    Floating Keychain

    Floating Keychain DESCRIPTION The Floating Keychain fits over your wrist so you don't lose your keys while on the water. If you happen to go overboard and lose your keys the Floating Keychain will keep them on the surface. Easy to spot with it's bright...

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  • Floating Neoprene Eye or Sun Glasses Retainer

    Floating Neoprene Eye or Sun Glasses Retainer

    The Floating Neoprene Eye or Sun Glasses Retainer is our popular Neoprene glasses retainer with added flotation capabilities. Filled with closed-cell foam, the Floating Neo will float eyewear up to 35 grams. The lock-stitched ends slip over most size...

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  • 2021 Calendar

    Gordon Rathbun's 2021 Water Ski Calendar

    This calendar is a perfect gift for that friend or family member who enjoys water skiing.  Featuring some amazing ski imagery from his school in Acapulco Mexico & other exotic locales, this calendar will warm up the coldest months of the year,...

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  • HO Syndicate Changing Towel

    HO Syndicate Changing Towel

    Part towel, part hoodie, part changing room. The Syndicate Changing towel is the ultimate accessory for every watersport athlete. Forget awkwardly changing under a towel that you hope stays tucked. Leave the extra hoody at home. Use the Syndicate...

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  • HO/Accurate Skier-Down Flag

    HO/Accurate Skier-Down Flag

    HO/Accurate Skier Down Flag The HO/ Accurate Skier Down Flag is the perfect skier-down flag to keep you legal out on the water! The bright orange flag with the sublimated Accurate graphic is attached to a white plastic handle so you can raise it up...

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  • Hyperlite Bungee Dock Tie - 4 Feet

    Hyperlite Bungee Dock Tie - 4 Feet

    These Bungee Dock Ties make docking and securing your vessel a cinch. A must have for sure, easy for looping cleats on your boat and the dock. Secure to your friend's boat for the afternoon flotilla.

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  • Hyperlite Heater Boat Blanket

    Hyperlite Heater Boat Blanket

    FLEECE LINED INNER / WEATHER RESISTANT NYLON OUTER HYPERLITE HEATER BOAT BLANKET W/ HEATER HOOK UP Cold after your set? Wind kicking up? Got a long ride back to the dock? The Hyperlite Heater Boat Blanket has got you covered. Say goodbye to chilly temps...

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