• Connelly Cadet Combo Waterskis

    Connelly Cadet Combo Waterskis

    The Cadet trainers will set your aspiring skier up for success. A removable stabilizer bar, with direct rope attachment, helps to keep the front and back end of the skis in place while taking some load off of your kiddo. The two handle Cadet rope allows...
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  • Connelly Firecracker Trainer Waterskis

    Connelly Firecracker Trainer Waterskis

    A single piece "U" shaped design provides youngsters with the most stable platform to learn the basics of skiing.   The integrated two handle rope system is held by a spotter and connects directly to the platform and then extends to the rider. This...
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  • Connelly Quantum Combo Waterskis - 68"

    Connelly Quantum Combo Waterskis - 68"

    The Quantum will bring a combo of energy and value to your ride. The wide tails and shallow narrow tunnels make deep water starts easier and provide riders with even turns. Our slide-type adjustable bindings fit a wide range of foot sizes as does the...
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  • Connelly Super Sport JR. Combos - 2021

    Connelly Super Sport JR. Combos - 2021

    The Connelly Super Sport Jr Combos for 2021, are for smaller, lighter skiers. They will gain confidence and enjoy the ride more on properly sized gear. The Super Sport features our shaped ski concept with wide tip and tail making deep water starts...
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  • HO Excel Combo Skis *SALE* - 59" ONLY

    HO Excel Combo Skis *SALE* - 59" ONLY

    Combo Waterskis to Elevate Your Fun Sizes: 59" ONLY (50-100lbs) The Excel Combos are built with a traditional water ski shape for proven dependability. With their tunnel bottom design, they are stable and versatile.   Compatible with HO Trainer Bar...
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  • HO Excel Combo Skis 2021

    HO Excel Combo Skis 2021

    AVAILABLE SIZES: 59in (Up to 120lbs) 63in (110-160 lbs) 67 (Over 140lbs) The Excel Combos are a great tool to elevate your fun at the lake. They feature a traditional waterski shape for proven dependability with a tunnel bottom for added stability...
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  • HO Hot Shot Trainers

    HO Hot Shot Trainers

    The Hot Shot Trainers are THE perfect skis for our aspiring waterski pro! With a package that includes a trainer bar and tail connection, your junior skier will have the most stable platform for learning to ski. In addition, the Hot Shot Trainers...
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